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Social abilities :

Ability to interact with peers and adults appropriately Development of empathy and the ability to share. Ability to work in a group and resolve conflicts constructively.

​ Language skills:

Acquisition of basic vocabulary. Understanding simple instructions. Ability to express needs and feelings verbally. ​

Cognitive skills:

Development of short-term memory. Ability to recognize and name colors, shapes, letters and numbers. Development of logical thinking and solving simple problems. ​

Motor skills:

Development of fine motor skills (use of pencils, cutting, handling of small objects, etc.). Development of gross motor skills (running, jumping, climbing, etc.). Acquisition of hand-eye coordination.

​ Autonomous skills:

Ability to partially dress and undress. Using the toilet independently. Development of autonomy in daily tasks such as washing hands, putting away one's belongings, etc.

​ Artistic and creative skills:

Ability to express oneself through art (painting, drawing, modeling, etc.). Exploration of different textures, materials and artistic techniques. Development of imagination and creativity.

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