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1295, rue Poirier

Saint-Laurent, Qc H4L 1H1

(514) 744-1117

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Surveillance and security

The Safety of Your Children, Our Priority

Watchful Eyes on Every Corner

We ensure the safety of children by providing constant supervision and putting in place appropriate security measures for the premises and equipment: security cameras are placed throughout the premises and the entrance is accessible only with an electronic key


Balanced diet

service of an on-site chef

Garderie Éducative O'Brien offers you the , which offers you delicious balanced meals straight from our own kitchen. As nutrition is an essential part of a child's health, we offer nutritious snacks and meals that follow Canada's Food Guide. Our meals are always fresh and never frozen, and our options vary to avoid repetition throughout the week; however, fruits and vegetables are provided daily. Please note that all specific religious and dietary restrictions are accommodated without any problem


Physical activities and outdoor games

Active Bodies, Lively Minds

We emphasize daily outdoor play; whether that's running in our own outdoor playground, taking a walk around the neighborhood, or going to play in a nearby city park.


Communication with parents

Open Communication: The Pillar of an Excellent Daycare

Our daycare firmly believes that good communication between parent and provider is an essential element of quality daycare. Our instructors communicate with our parents daily via our electronic calendar to facilitate parents' busy work schedules. We are committed to creating a strong bond with you and your child, helping to ensure the best possible start in your child's life. We understand that you trust us to care for your child and we take this role and responsibility very seriously

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